Snow Mountain

Trip Information

I would like to do a three day-two night trip to the Snow Mountain Wilderness.  Snow Mountain, at an elevation of 7056 feet, is the most southerly peak in the North Coast Range.  The peak lies 20 miles North of Clear Lake and 32 miles easterly of Willows, on Interstate 5.  The 94 square mile wilderness area encompasses all of the Snow Mountain massif.  The shortest route to the peak is from the Summit Springs trailhead, on the South side of the peak.  The easiest route to the trailhead is from Interstate 5, at Maxwell.
The elevation at the trailhead is about 5200 feet.  The trail climbs 1 .56 miles North, gaining 1140 feet to the junction with the Milk Ranch Loop trail.  There is a spring in a small meadow near the junction and I propose to camp there the first night.  The second day we will continue our climb 2.16 miles, with an 864 foot gain, to Snow Mountain's East Peak, where I propose that we camp for the second night.
The views from the East Peak are amazing.  If the skies are clear there are views of the Sacramento Valley from Red Bluff to Stockton.  To the East one may enjoy a panorama from the southern Cascades, and northern Sierra, from Mount Shasta to Yosemite.  At night the lights from the valley towns are visible as glowing beads, strung along the valley floor.
There is no water at the peak and we will have to carry enough water for the trail up and back, as well as water for dinner and breakfast.  Perhaps this is the trip to experiment with a "cookless" menu.  Maybe we would only heat water for hot drinks.
For this hike we will rendezvous at Bill and Kathy's Restaurant, on Interstate 5, near Dunnigan.  To get there take Interstate 80 East to Vacaville and turn North on Interstate 550.  At the intersection of I-5 continue North, 2.5 miles to the Dunnigan exit.  We will meet there for breakfast at 6:30 am.  After breakfast we will caravan North on I-5, 31 miles, to Maxwell.  From there we take the Maxwell-Sites Road, West, through Sites and Lodoga, 25 miles, to the Stonyford-Lodoga Road.  We then turn North 19 miles to Stonyford, where we will stop for our wilderness permit.  After getting the permit and maps, we travel West on Forest Road M10, through Fouts Springs, for 25 miles to the trailhead.  I estimate that we will be hiking by Noon.
This is the "Shoulder Season" and weather conditions are variable.  THIS TRIP WILL BE WEATHER DEPENDANT.  If you intend to join us for this hike you MUST confirm your attendance with a phone call or email.  That means everyone.  I'll be checking the weather forecast daily for the two weeks preceding this trip, and will keep you informed of changes.
If you are interested in going on this trip please let me know immediately.  Cell: 707-338-6955 or email:


1.  Your Compass, Ruler and Sharp Pencil.  Set your magnetic declination to 14° 40' East.
2.    Your tent
3.    Your sleeping bag and pad.
4.    First-Aid kit.
5.    Canteen or bladder, and water treatment system.  You will also need to be able to carry water to our dry camp at the peak.
7.    Flashlight  (fresh batteries this time).
8.    Pot, cup and utensils.
9.    Stove and fuel.
10.  Clothing suitable for expected conditions.  You should carry rain gear for this trip.  It's going to be early November,  you may need         extra insulation.


3 Breakfasts
3 Lunches
3 Dinners
The extra breakfast, lunch and dinner are for emergency rations.  Don't forget trail snacks and please consider an electrolyte supplement for your water.


Trip Report

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