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Wild Cat Camp

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Frisbee & Nerfball on the Beach
Wild Cat Camp June 24 & 25, 2000

Greetings to all

Our trip to Wild Cat Camp was to say the least, spectacular... with high clouds, temperatures in the upper 70's, and no wind - what more could we ask for?

We started our day at 06:30 meeting in the old Yardbirds parking lot near Sonoma Bagel: Randy Frary (00), Mike Hardison (97), Susan Kirk (95) and husband Kris, Conci Mack (93), Lupe Perez (00), Lynn Spaulding (00), Karen Valentino (00), and Jenine Wilson (97) were all there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. After coffee, we loaded up three cars and headed to Point Reyes Station Deli to meet Debra Dempsey (aka Berkowitz) (99) and her husband Matt. After caravanning to the Information Center at Point Reyes National Seashore to pick up our permit, we continued on to the Palamarin Trailhead in Bolinas where we met up with Deb Raushi (96). During our travel we noticed the rear of Randy Frary's truck sitting quite low and we discovered it was his pack causing such a strain on the suspension; Conci helped unload some of the extra gadgets Randy was about to carry. After accomplishing a little map and compass work, we headed out with Mike on point.

We made numerous stops to compare our maps to the topography and just take in the awesome views provided by the absence of fog. The ocean was calm and almost lake-like, the squadrons of pelicans soared just over the waves and the ospreys were flying above with their freshly caught fish. We stopped for lunch in the shade under the trees at Bass Lake.  

With packs hoisted once again, we continued down the trail. At a trail junction leading to Alamere Falls, Kris and Susan Kirk split off from us to continue their day hike to the falls. We headed down on the west side of Wild Cat Lake finally arriving at Wild Cat Camp.

After chores (pitching tents, pumping water avoiding the sulpher faucet, or freshening up in the stream), some of us headed for the beach. A handful enjoyed a combo game of Frisbee and Nerf Football; we ran barefoot along the beach and chased the waves as the temperatures kept us warm and playful, others read or just kicked back enjoying their first camping experience and the luxury of a thermarest chair.
As dinner time rolled around class was back in session for "stove lighting 101". Everyone passed with flying colors and it looks like stove flames this year will be uneventful.
In the morning, although we put our food and toiletries in the metal critter boxes, Karen discovered a mouse had found her chocolate chip cookies. Smart mouse. We ate breakfast, packed it up, then headed out again careful to avoid stinging nettles and poison oak. We stopped to rest and snack at Bass Lake. Mike took a dip. We arrived back at our cars, then drove to lunch at Pt.Reyes Station.

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